Karen McDonald

Meet Big Max
and his family

This is my true story of how patience,
kindness, and love helped me heal.

Big Max

A True Story

When Big Max was eleven months old, he was dropped off at an animal rescue badly abused and in need of medical attention. This is the true story of Big Max and how patience, kindness, and love helped him heal.

Good Night, Big Max

Book 2

It’s time for bed, but Big Max does not know where he wants to lay his big, sleepy head and go to bed. Papa G and Mama K try to help him, but Big Max has a reason why each place they suggest will not work.

Hi! I'm Big Max.

I'm a mixed breed.

I am a mix between a Great Dane and Labrador.
My breed is called the Gentle Giant because we are as big as a baby horse but as gentle as a kitten.


What Readers Say

"Such a wonderful book. Couldn’t put it down."

Lola Waldrip

"This is a beautifully written story by an amazing author! We love and recommend it!!"

Elizabeth Krasin Crafton

"Big Max is a sweet story. This book would be great for families, teachers, counselors, and more. It is a true story of love, forgiveness, and overcoming troubles."

Elizabeth Almond

"This is a wonderful story about unconditional love, patience, and redemption! It’s perfect for children and adults!"

Jennifer Lister

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