Karen McDonald

Big Max

A True Story

Hi! I’m Big Max. I love to give wet, slimy kisses and chase squirrels. I love my life now, but it didn’t start off so well. When I was eleven months old, I was dropped off at an animal rescue badly abused and in need of medical attention. I was lonely and scared. Then I met Papa G and Mama K. They wanted me and loved me, but I didn’t know what love was. My super sniffer led me on adventures day after day. I ate things and destroyed things, creating many disasters. Papa G and Mama K never stopped loving me and were patient and kind. Over time, my behavior got better and I ate less things. One day, I stopped. I never bit or ate anything again. This is my true story of how patience, kindness, and love helped me heal.

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What Readers Say

"Such a wonderful book. Couldn’t put it down."

Lola Waldrip

"This is a beautifully written story by an amazing author! We love and recommend it!!"

Elizabeth Krasin Crafton

"Big Max is a sweet story. This book would be great for families, teachers, counselors, and more. It is a true story of love, forgiveness, and overcoming troubles."

Elizabeth Almond

"This is a wonderful story about unconditional love, patience, and redemption! It’s perfect for children and adults!"

Jennifer Lister

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